The versatility and cost competitiveness of Westonfence™ makes it an ideal fit for both boundary and internal fencing.

When it comes to livestock management there is a range of designs available to meet your needs. You will find solutions for Sheep (including Dorper’s etc), cattle, goats, pigs, deer, and horses within our range.

Electric Fencing

It is indisputable that electric fencing is one of the most effective and commonly used forms of security barriers and asset protection across the globe. Electric fencing has an unrivalled “psychological” benefit (fear of electric shock) that other fencing and security solutions simply don’t have.

If you can maintain voltage in your fence you have both a physical and psychological barrier


The most popular of the boundary/internal designs is the D7 1100mm. The D7 1100 features 7 wires (3 of which are usually electrified). The installed height is in line with standard conventional fence heights (1100 – 1150mm H). adaptations to this fence design are the D6 and D5. These fences which are shorter in height are more commonly used as sub-divisional fences for controlling cattle/dairy cattle.

Livestock is generally easy to contain until they are hungry or in some cases become frightened or startled. When livestock begin to pressure fences the psychological aspects of the Westonfence (the short, sharp, but safe electric shock) work to deter livestock from damaging or penetrating the fence.

Westonfence™ comprises of

  • HDPE posts (droppers)- strong and versatile insulators, allowing for the electrification of any (and multiple) wires
  • High tensile clips to secure the posts in the fence
  • High tensile wire, and steel posts

Grazing Management

Using the Westonfence™ system allows farmers to easily adopt grazing management systems such as rotational grazing and cell grazing. Having electric wires in the boundary and internal fences allows for further temporary fences to be installed quickly and easily meaning maximum pasture utilisation can be achieved.


The competitive cost of materials and the fast, easy installation methods make Westonfence™ an ideal choice for your boundary and internal fencing.


Increased stocking capacity
Improved pasture management
Increase stocking capacity
Significantly reduced maintenance
Fence integrity maintained


Get a rapid return on your investment


Compliment your existing fence solution with our retrofit options


70-80% of the cost of conventional fencing materials


With more than 20,000km of fence installed to date

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Exclusion Fencing

A total exclusion fence to protect areas of high conservation from the threats posed by pest.

Control Grazing Pressure

Enhanced animal husbandry and pasture utilisation through its capacity to control total grazing pressure.

Protecting Crops

The ability to protect valuable crops and pastures from the invasion of feral and other unwanted animals

Securing Livestock and Seedstock

Security of valuable livestock and seedstock animals

Border Fencing

The opportunity to develop fully the potential of land bordering the uncontrolled habitat of native and feral animals eg National Parks

Land Management

Improved land management adding to flexibility and ease of management decisions

Cost Effective and Efficient

Fast, efficient and cost effective construction

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