The Westonfence™

Fencing System

It was developed by the Weston family in response to the need for a robust, low maintenance, electric fence to better manage livestock and control kangaroos and other feral animals on their property at Nymagee.

Westonfence™ Limited is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation since 1992 when Peter Weston first began developing the idea.

Conventional fencing had traditionally been used on the property to manage livestock, with reasonable results. The problem was kangaroos and other feral animals encroached on farmland, destroying valuable crops and pastures … especially in times of drought. Conventional fencing was ineffective for controlling these animals.

In 1992 Peter had plastic RHS tubing manufactured and supplied to enable him to produce insulating fence droppers. At this time, he developed machinery to cut and precision-drill the droppers, and bend and shape the spring steel clips. A trailer was custom-built on which the droppers were loaded, and from which, the fence was run out. This was a major saving in the time taken to construct a fence.

This machinery and fencing system won the National Farm Invention of the Year for Peter Weston in 1994. In 1996, Peter’s son, Bill, was awarded Regional runner up in the same competition for an automated clip maker.

The exposure gained by the competition wins, combined with positive reports coming from people who had seen the fence on the Weston family property, led to requests for the supply of the droppers.

In 1997, the profile of the dropper was changed to its present ‘dog-bone’ shape, reducing the need for maintenance. Manufacturing the new droppers, however, presented problems due to the differing thicknesses of plastic in the design.

Believing it to be an excellent product with sufficient market demand, and unable to find a suitable plastics manufacturer who could extrude the droppers at reasonable cost, the Weston family purchased a plastic extrusion line to produce the droppers.

In 2000, an independent family-owned company was set up to manufacture the droppers and clips and market the fencing concept. This was called “Westonfence”.

To this day, Westonfence™ is still a family-owned and run concern operating from Parkes NSW.

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